Are Donna’s Tamales gluten free?
Yes, Donna’s Tamales is a whole grain product made from organic white corn, containing no wheat, rye or other gluten grains.

Does Donna’s Tamales contain leavening agents?
Donna’s Tamales contains no leavening agents. We rely on the fresh wholesome flavor of whole corn and pure olive oil to provide the satisfying texture. Leavening agents include eggs, yeast or chemicals (baking powder and baking soda).

Does Donna’s Tamales contain lard or other animal products?
Our tamales are made with the finest vegetarian ingredients. We use pure olive oil. Donna’s Tamales are produced in a certified organic production kitchen where no meat or meat by products are ever used.

Does the cheese used in the Cheese Chile Tamale have an animal based enzyme (casein)?
Our Cheese Chile Corn Tamale is made with Straus Organic cheddar cheese. Straus uses only vegetable enzymes in the production of their cheeses.

Can you eat the corn husk that wraps the tamale?
Eating the corn husk would be a gastronomical feat!! The corn husk is used to hold the soft masa in place while it cooks to perfection.The corn husk is biodegradable and should be left for the compost pile not the delicate digestive system of mere humans.

Which is the lowest fat tamale?
All of the vegan tamales are very low fat. The Red & Black Bean Tamale are the lowest in fat at 7 grams per tamale.

Can Donna’s Tamales be frozen?
Yes, our tamales may be frozen in their package to extend their freshness. Our tamales are date stamped for your convenience and may be enjoyed up to the date on the package simply by using refrigeration.

What is the BEST way to heat Donna’s Tamales?
Traditionally tamales are steamed and that is the way they are initially prepared. You are simply reheating the tamales and should use whichever method suits your lifestyle. Steaming the tamales takes 8 to 10 minutes filling your kitchen with a most delightful aroma. Since your stovetop is on and the water is boiling, it is very easy to toss a vegetable in with your tamales a few minutes before they are heated; in less than ten minutes you will have a complete meal. Microwaving takes less than 2 minutes for those who are on the run or at a worksite without the luxury of a stovetop. Maximizing the tamales flavor can be done by dampening a paper towel placed over the wrapped tamale or by dampening the parchment paper wrapping the tamale.

Can Donna’s Tamales go camping?
Camping, skiing, a picnic, to school, to work, anywhere you go. Tamales can be wrapped in foil and buried in the coals of an open fire for a new and exciting flavor. As the tamale heats in the fire the corn begins to roast and the texture of the tamale changes to a delectable consistency. On the BBQ, place the wrapped tamales on the outer edge of the grill, turning once until they are heated through.

Do you make chicken or beef tamales?
Donna’s tamales are all vegetarian and vegan. Meat lovers enjoy all of our tamales, Enchamales™ and burritos because they are so flavorful.

Are you anywhere outside the Bay Area?
Our devoted customers have hand carried our tamales to Washington DC, Minnesota, Idaho, Michigan, Texas, Illinois, New York, Hawaii, Canada, Washington, Oregon, and to many places we could not begin to guess. Our tamales are distributed to the greater Bay Area. We are trying to be the best Bay Area tamale company.

Why Organic Corn?
Cultivating corn using non-organic techniques typically requires large amounts of pesticides (meaning a broad range of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides and other chemicals used to protect crops). Monsanto introduced a pesticidal corn seed that produced it’s own insecticide in every cell. “Much of the nation’s cornfields now consist of pesticidal corn, which helps protect the corn crops against the corn borer pest. Unfortunately, the pesticidal potato and corn are not labeled, so unless you consume organic potatoes or corn, there’s no way to be sure that you’re not eating the pesticidal variety.”
Genetically modified corn pollen ends up on the host plant of the monarch butterfly. The monarch caterpillars either die or produce a much smaller butterfly. The FDA maintains that genetically engineered foods are safe, although some of the FDA’s own scientist have their doubts.

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